Therapy Services

Dizziness and Balance Disorders: We have been treating these disorders since the 1980’s and our expertise continues to grow. Symptoms can be provoked by many different conditions, but all can make life miserable and dangerous. Our specialty practice will get you back on your feet with confidence. 

Concussion and Brain Injury: The symptoms can be vague but persistent, affecting many parts of your life. Visual sensitivity, lack of concentration with complaints of dizziness and headaches can be managed both soon after the injury and up to years later. We start you at the stage that is most critical, and work with you to get integrated back to work, school and life. 

Parkinson's Disease: You have a special place in our clinic; we know there is more to managing this disorder than a simple exercise program. Our therapists can connect you with medical experts and an active social community with a focus on pushing your limits and pushing back the disease. 

Multiple Sclerosis: Mobility is often the greatest concern for you. We have a history of working in the community and have an understanding of the complex issues that can co-exist. Our specialized equipment to assist gait and balance can be the key to get you moving again. 
Stroke Survivors: Returning to your life is full of challenges. We look at the critical components of movement and guide you back to your highest level of function. 

Facial weakness and dystonia: Movement in our face is critical to both communication and comfort with eating. With the use of surface EMG we can change how your face looks and feels. We are associated physicians who see these disorders including the University of Colorado, and Kaiser Permanente. 

Peripheral Neuropathies: Pain, weakness and difficulty walking can be the result of this common disorder. In conjunction with medical management, we can boost your mobility, balance and confidence.

Orthopedic Care: Spinal pain and joint pain can be a common part of living full active lives. Evaluation and treatment for conditions of osteoarthritis, tendonitis and pain associated with injuries can be the difference between one occurrence or chronic recurring pain. We offer treatment for the acute phase of inflammation and education in posture, work station ergonomics and proper exercise techniques to minimize the effects of injury and wear and tear on the joints and soft tissues. 
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